Viper RT/10

Dodge Viper RT/10

The Viper debuted for 1992 and all Vipers at this time were designated as RT/10 models.

A prototype was made as early as 1989. Two 1991 models were produced just to pace the Indy 500 that year.

Back to 1992… The early production Viper RT/10 was a brute of a car, very ‘raw’, which many compared to the original Shelby Cobra. This was for good reason, as Caroll Shelby was involved in the original Viper design. The car lacked side windows, outer door handles, roof air-bags, and anti-lock brakes. The side-pipes were known to burn an inattentive driver exiting the car.

Powering the early car was a 488 CID (8.0L) all-aluminum V10, which borrowed its basic form from the 360 Magnum V8. It made 400hp until 1994, and got a boost to 415 for 1995, which was the last year of the first generation.

The Viper entered the next generation in 1996. Engine power stayed the same @ 415 through 1997. The body was stiffer and lighter than the previous car. Engine power was increased in the RT/10 to 450 for 1998. The side-pipes were axed part-way into the 1996 model year. This generation was done after the 2002 model year, and so was the RT/10 designation, being replaced with the SRT10 version the next year.

Horsepower: 400 (’92-’94), 415 (’95-’97)

0-60 MPH: 4.6 seconds (’92-’97), 4.0 seconds (’98-’02)

1/4 mile: 12.9 seconds (’92-’97), 12.3 (’98-’02)

skid-pad performance: .96 G (’92-’95), 1.01 G (’96-’02)


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