Dakota R/T

Dodge Dakota R/T

The Dakota R/T was sold starting with the 1998 model year. Initially offered in only a standard cab configuration, a club cab became available later on. The goodie bag included 5.9 liter V8 with 250hp, heavy duty 46RE 4 speed auto trans, 3.92 ratio axle with limited slip, a tighter suspension, performance exhaust and unique 17″x9″ aluminum wheels shod in 255/55/17 rubber.

Starting in 2002 you could get chrome as a wheel finish on the Dak R/T. This Dakota R/T lasted through the 2003 model year.

The R/T Dak came back for 2006 & 2007. It was available in 2wd, and yes, 4wd models. Body configurations were club cab, and quad cab. Standard cab was no longer sold with this generation. Though not much more of a higher performer than a standard V8 Dakota, this one looked great with a better overall package. Opting for an R/T got you a hood scoop, added striping, special wheels and a unique instrument cluster. The engine this time around was a 260hp 4.7L High Output V8 backed by the 3.92 performance axle.

0-60 MPH: 7.0 seconds (2000 reg cab)

1/4 mile: 15.4 seconds @ 89MPH (2000 reg cab)

Horsepower: 250 (5.9L), 260 (4.7LHO)

Torque: 350 ft/lb (5.9L), 310 ft/lb (4.7L HO)


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  1. Just a comment/question……….. Do you folks actually read what you write? How can the Gen IV Dakota R/T be considered just an appearance package when in your own description it boasts more horsepower than the so-called performance truck? As a very proud and happy Gen IV owner, it gets old having my truck criticized for being an appearance package, when in fact, it has many of the original truck’s options, like special wheels, gauges, ENGINE(17 major differences between the standard 4.7 and the H.O.), interior, exhaust, 3.92 limited slip, etc………. I like my truck, and so do most of the people that have been around it. Thanks….

    • Slow down there. First off there’s no “you folks” here, just one guy, me. I don’t claim to be an expert in all areas of Mopar. You’re coming off a bit critical yourself.

      I’ve adjusted some wording in this section, as there was no ridicule of the 4g Dak R/T intended.

      However, the 4g is heavier than the previous version and that is a detriment, to a point. The 4.7 is capable and better overall than the old 5.9 but the horsepower in 2006 and 2007 was what 10 more than the 5.9? The earlier R/Ts had the same 3.92 axle available. The ’06 and ’07 were hardly game changing, performance wise.

      Power to weight ratio isn’t everything. Either way, the late Dak R/Ts are a better overall vehicle. They’re better looking in my opinion also.

      Since you could probably make a more detailed write up on the ’06, ’07 Dak R/Ts than I, feel free to send me one to replace what is here. Seriously, No jab intended. I never owned a 4g Dak R/T, so you’d know better than I.

  2. The rewrite sounds much better. Thanks………. Didn’t mean to sound so critical of the description, but it’s really hard having something different that people think of as being underdone or out of place. I added a free flowing cat-back system and a better air system to mine, and I have to think it’s got a little more horsepower now than it did have. The truck is really fun to drive, and handles well, too. Under your reader’s rides heading you will find a picture of my R/T. Feel free to use it if you wish…

  3. I’m not a huge fan of the Gen IV Dakotas in general myself….too boxy and not a fan of the 4.7 at all. Call me old school, but there’s just something about the torque of the 5.9 that makes it a “sport” truck vs the mini-torque of the 4.7. The body lines of the ’97 to ’04 Dakotas in my opinion were flowing and added to its aggressive attitude that the R/T had…including the addition of the Stampede package in late ’03. I was looking specifically for an ’03 RC R/T and was fortunate enough to purchase one in September….and from my research, it is rare in it being one of only 265 RC R/T’s made that year, a fully loaded black RC R/T as well and all of the original paperwork from it’s order forms in November ’02 through to early December ’02 indicating a final price tag of $38,758.55 Canadian including all of the taxes. It’s an early ’03 so it did not come with the Stampede package since that wasn’t available at the time.
    Since my purchase, I’ve added leather six-way power seats from a Durango and found a black Stampede package from an ’02 Dakota that I will be adding in the Spring. Somewhere along the line, the original chrome R/T wheels were replaced with the silver R/T rims and I’m in the process of trying to locate a complete set.
    Just my 2 cents…..love this web page!!! I also own an ’07 Caliber R/T AWD….

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